The development of our Yoga and Meditation Retreat was supported by many volunteers who came to us from all over the world using the online WorkAway platforms, despite the punitive CoVid19 intermittent lockdowns and travel restrictions.

A Work-Awayer is: a traveller who wants to give back to the communities and places they visit, helping their host and using the experience to learn new skills, meet like-minded people and to immerse in the local culture.

As a WorkAway host we welcome pvolunteers who are in the first instance, interested in Yoga, Meditation, Healthy Eating and who is prepared to 'have-a-go' at the many tasks that are part of a developing and operating Alternative Therapy center.

We prefer to welcome volunteers for a minimum stay of one week, some of our volunteers stay with us for up to 3 months, the maximum time allowd on their VISA.

The types of help and learning opportunities available include:

  • Charity Work
  • Art and crafts Projects
  • Language practice
  • Help with Eco Projects
  • Teaching
  • Gardening
  • DIY and building projects
  • Animal Care
  • Farm-stay help
  • Creating/ Cooking group meals
  • Help in the accommodation
  • General Maintenance
  • Help with Computers/ Internet/ Social Media

If you are interested in joining us please make contact with us via our instagram page or by completing our Contact Form.

More information about the services we provide together with details of all upcoming events are available on our social media and other platforms liste below:

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