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Payment Option Information: Credit Card | Bank Transfer | Personal Cheque | PayPal | Western Union

A warm welcome to all our website visitors.

We appreciate that paying for a holiday, hotels or making travel arrangements on the Internet is a new experience for many people. Understandably some people are reluctant to send payments to a foreign country and to a company they have perhaps never heard of, especially since the cost of travel arrangements or a complete holiday can be quite significant.

Our reputation has been built over 20 years of service to our customers who have visited us from over 80 countries. We are backed by membership of the Government controlled Association of Turkish Travel Agencies who apply strict rules of service, quality and reliability.

Unlike many Internet holiday and travel booking companies we offer more than just secure credit card payments. Depending on your location, the service required and how far in advance the booking is made we may offer additional payment options including: Bank Transfer or Western Union Money Transfer, further details are included below:

In addition, despite the trend towards leaving making bookings until the last minute, we still accept deposit payments on bookings made more than 3 months in advance. Booking in advance has many advantages including lower prices, greater choice and peace of mind that you have booked exactly what you wanted. If the deposit payment option is available details are included with our quotation.

All our payment options are available from the drop down menus at the top of all payment pages.

Option 1 Credit Card

We currently only accept Visa and MasterCard credit cards for online payments.

Credit card payments can be made via our secure website, by fax, email or telephone, full information is included with our quotation. The payment transaction is completed at our office in Turkey and only when we have confirmed that the service offered is available.

When we are ONLINE credit card details can also be sent via our secure LiveChat service located at the top of all our WebPages. IMPORTANT NOTE: Do not send credit card details using our LiveChat service if we are OFFLINE.

Debit Cards
We can accept online payments if the DEBIT CARD displays the VISA or MasterCard logo. Debit cards that do not display a VISA or MasterCard logo can only be accepted for payments made personally by the cardholder at our office office in Bodrum.

Normally payment transactions are made in Turkish Lira, converted from the quoted currency at the current exchange rate published by our credit card processing bank. If the transaction can be completed in the approved quoted currency, details will be provided with our quotation.

Option 2 Bank Transfer

Bank transfers can be made to our banks in Turkey in Euros, GBP, USD and Turkish Lira, we also accept bank transfers in British Pounds [GBP] to our bank in the UK and transfers in EURO to our bank in Greece.

If the date of the booking is so close we do not have time to verify credit card ownership [if applicable], payment can be made by bank transfer. Details of the currencies acceptable and our account information is included with our quotations.

We appreciate that the 'Robber Banks' charge extortionate fees to transfer even modest amounts of money around the world. Fortunately there are now other ways to transfer money at a fraction of the cost of the the banks. Having made several, speedy and economical transfers ourselves with TransferWise, we are able to recommend this company. Take a few moments to check our their WebPage and decide for yourself.

Option 3 Personal Cheque

Payments can be made into any branch of Barclays Bank in the UK by cheques drawn on any UK bank in GBP.

Option 4 PayPal

We will be offering payments by PayPal soon. As soon as this is arranged it will be included as an option on our quotations.

Option 5 Western Union Money Transfer

Western Union money transfers are particularly useful when time is short and payment by credit card is not an option, payments can be made in EUR, GBP and USD.